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ROPE   로 프

From the economical P.E. Ropes to highly sophisicated Marine Ropes,

Yusung accumulated the know-how to supply the exactly coordinating ropes

to our various customer's demand. With more than a quarter of century of experiences

and the wide range of test equipment, we can ensure the highest quality for user.

Our high quality rope is packaged fashionably to attract the consumer.


오랜 경험을 바탕으로, 경제적이고, 효율성이 뛰어난 로프를 공급합니다.

해외시장에서도 뛰어난 품질과 경쟁력을 인정받고 있습니다.

Rope Specification Standard



* Kind of Material: Nylon, Polyester, Kuralon,Polypropylene, Saran, Polyethylene, etc.

  원료 종류  : 나이롱, 폴리에스터, 구라론, 폴리프로피렌, 사란, 폴리에칠렌 등.


* Kind of Twine(연사의 종류)
(1)Twisting Direction(연사의 방향) : "Z" twist or "S" twist 연사의 방향 좌향(Z요리), 혹은 우향(S요리)

(2)Number of Plies and Strands composing Twine 합수와 가닥

(3)Twisting Degree : Soft, Medium, Hard or Extra-Hard Laid

    꼬임의 정도 : 부드럽게, 중간 정도, 세게, 특히 세게


* Packing(포장) : 200M/COIL, 220M/COIL, 9KG/Spool, 2.5KG/COIL etc. 

Nylon Mono Line for fishing

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