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Shade Net  차광망


To Protect agricultural product from strong sunshine, we supply Shade Net of various thickness,

Yusung Shade Nets are proud of longer life by U.V. Stabilized Material.

Specification Usage 활용 

Flower farming 화훼망
Tea, Ginseng 차, 인삼,

Mushroom 버섯
Fish Farming 축양
Outdoor Simple Frame Shelter  간편한 야외 차광

P.E. Wind Break Net  방풍망

Wind break net protect the agricultural product from heavy wind. It is made by Polyethylene Raschel

Net reinforced with P.E. Black Rope at center & both end of net.

Specification Usage활용

Orchard 난초
Vinyl House 비닐하우스
Vegetable Farming at Seaside 해안채소경작
Flower Farming 화훼용

Bird   Net  방조망

Anti-animal Net  방수망

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