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With the modern fleet of machinery, the stringent managment control and the dedicated work force;

Yusung has been recognized the best quality producer from patrons of world market.


Undoubtedly the high quality Yusung net will benefit fishermen through BIG-CATCH.

Also we deeply acknowledge the timely delivery is critical for the seasonal outcome.

Yusung can be counted for the above reputation as many regular customers quoted.

We hope to share the benefit of our service with you.

고성능 설비와 더불어 엄격한 품질관리를 통하여 최고 품질의 제품을 공급하여, 어민의 수확을 극대화시켜줍니다.

Fishing Net   각종 어망


Nylon Single Knot Net 

Nylon Double Knot Net 

P.E Knotted Net 

Nylon and P.E Raschel Knotless Net

Trawl Net with Cod Ends

Nylon and P.E Mixed Net

Laver Cultivation Net

Fish Farming Net

To specify Fishing Net


Kind of Material :  Nylon, Polyester, Kuralon, Polyethlene, etc.

 어망의 소재     : 나일론, 폴리에스터, 구라론, 폴리에틸렌, 기타

Type of Knot     : Single Knot, Double Knot, Raschel Knotless, Knotless. If not specified, the type of knot is single knot.

​결절의  종류     : 싱글 노트 ,  더블 노트 ,  랏셀  ,  무결.  특별히 언급이 없으면 싱글 노트.

Unit of mesh size: 코의 크기, 절수

Inch which is measured in the stretchedstate

Milimeter which is measured the distance from a knot to the next knot

Number of knots per 6-inch

      35mm 반코                 2인치 한코

      70mm 한코

 Depth of Net    :  By number of mesh 

   망      폭        :  그물코의 수량

 Length of Net   :  By meter, foot, yard of fathom in the stretched state.

   망    길 이      : 당겼을때 미터, 피트, 야드 등으로 표시

    Selvage         : Single, double or double-mesh selvage

    미   미          : 싱글, 더블 혹은 더블 메시

Final treatment : Dye, Tar, Hard or soft finish


Purse seine Net 건착망

Set Net   정치망

Trawl Net  트롤망

Trammel Net  삼중 자망

Gill Net  각종 자망

Fish Farming Net (축양망) &

Laver Cultivation Net (해태망)

Based on the development of Marine Production, Fishermen are intend to have Fish Farming instead of fishing to get higher profit.
To meet such a requirement, we are ready to supply various kinds of Fish Farming Net as well as Sea Wed Cultivation Net

잡는 어법에서, 기르는 어법으로 전환하는 시기에, 오랜 경험을 통하여 축적된 기술을 바탕으로

해태망, 전복망, 각종 가두리망을 공급하고 있습니다.

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